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  • Since moving to Portland I've been involved with several performance troupes and I founded Kazüm in late 2005. I have dedicated myself for many years, faced extreme challenges and experienced immense wonder in my work with Kazüm. Now, I have a daughter and a family, with whom I am happy to share this world.
     My goal is to continue to create and hone my crafts, to make Kazüm a professonal and established entity, and ultimately, to uplift the spirit of humanity.
     Since childhood, I've been a visual artist and very physically active. I've been passionate about drawing and photography my whole life. I have also studied yoga, pilates, trapeze, and dance. I found a lovely way to combine these two aspects of myself when I discovered acrobalance, which lead to discovering adagio, cheerleading-style stunting, and a passion for creating choreography.
     My roots are in Texas, primarily in Austin and the Hill Country where I was raised by a family of artists. I moved around countless times. After High School I traveled for years, first all over the United States and then throughout Europe. I finally found my home in 2002 when I accidentally landed in Portland.

  • My main creative movement experiences include gymnastics and Aikido as a child, and latin dance, acrobatics and aerial dance as an adult, with numerous other deviations along the way. I'm especially inspired by collaborative creative movement -- moving together with another person or people can have an amazing transformative power to break through barriers of perceived limitations.
     Gravity, balance, strength and imagination all compliment each other to achieve new shapes and meanings that I didn't know were possible. I think this collaboration rings true in many ways, socially as well as physically -- my main "day job" is in social change organizing at the Community Alliance of Tenants, where in a very different way, I am also awed by the amazing transformative power of a group of people dedicated to collaboration for the purpose of making something beautiful.
     I also get a kick out of teaching trapeze and acrobatics to children at Do Jump! I deeply appreciate being reminded by the kiddos how to play and have fun.

  • My love and passion for movement started at an early age and was, in part, inspired by my dad who was a gymnast and my mother who loves to dance. During my adolescent in Jacksonville, Florida, I took ballet, tap and jazz classes for a few years, was in several school plays, in the summers went to different camps to learn skills such as baton, hula hooping and tumbling and am partially self-taught gymnast.
     In 1994, was a flier for the Jacksonville Pop Warner squad, and placed at competitions. Around the same time, was a part of the school softball team for two years. In 1998-2002 in Benicia, CA, I began belly dancing and performed with troupes throughout the Bay Area.
     I moved to Portland in 2002, were I began performing solo belly dancing around town and with a vaudeville group called The Ice Cream Socialist at the Devil's Point. In the summer of 2002, I joined the Sprockettes after seeing them at the Multnomah County Bike Fair. I dedicated the following three years, as a full time performer, to inspiring the youth with mini-bike dancing. After a year of overlap with the Sprockettes and Kazüm, I decided to put all my love and energy into Kazüm.
     In late 2005, Uli started Kazüm and I helped to build the foundation. In 2006, I started teaching young children gymnastics for a couple of years at local gyms, went on tour with Kazüm for nearly a month and taught partner acrobalancing workshops. In the fall of 2008 I went on maternity leave and then rejoined Kazüm in 2010.
     Currently, I live in Portland with my husband and our soon-to-be three year old daughter and perform full time with Kazüm.
     Born with scoliosis, I've defied what one is suppose to be able to do with a huge curve in the back. My mission is to keep my body strong and flexible, encourage others to live out their dreams no matter what and to know it is never to late to start doing what you love.

  • Jon "Dutch" Paglia is a force to be reckoned with. Young Dutch was found as a child living off tundra in the frozen wastes of Northern Alaska. It has been speculated that the child had crossed the small straight from Russia alone. Later, the infamous street fighter/wrestler Zangeif would claim the boy and begin his training.
     Dutch's early years consisted of American Football, designing mechanical inventions, and performing dance and musicals in a traveling Russian Gypsy Caravan. Young Dutch had a penchant for pranks, feats of strength and balancing on his mechanical contraptions.
     It is a mystery how Dutch arrived in Portland, but his first encounter with Kazüm was love at first sight. He had established himself as a member of the "art-bike" community Zooboombers and had found his mechanical affinity and other attributes complimentary to the group. His raw physical strength, his sense of technique, and theatrics quickly found a new home with Kazüm.

  • Jeremy Spears is a towering acrobat-wrestler-bouncer who joined Kazüm in the fall of 2011.

  • Lauri discovered the world of acrobatics when she noticed a listing for acrobatics and trapeze classes for adults in the back of a DoJump! program. She thought that would be an incredibly fun way to get in shape, so she started taking classes in 2006. Now, six years later, she is thrilled to be performing with Kazüm.
     Her background in music and the Alexander Technique have aided her development of acrobatic and performance skills. What she loves about acrobatics is that it combines the athleticism of sports with the grace of dance into a dramatic performance art.

  • Briefly, I'm a big base. Besides bouncing bodies about like basketballs, I banter and bandy with ballerinas and bemuse bystanders. Basically, I bring the business. I also bake.
     At some point in my life, I'd like to be in a lot of trouble, so that I can get myself out of a lot of trouble. Something like Mad Max trouble. It would also be cool if there were a lot of people in trouble, and I could get us all out of trouble. Then I'd be like a superhero. Something like Mad Max.
     I will eat all your food. Om nom nom. A fine subject, indeed! Takes me back to grade school. I particularly enjoyed the Civil War (known to some as "The War of Northern Aggression") and the jazz and literature movements of the mid-1900's.



Kazüm was started in Portland, OR in late 2005 by founder Ulrikka Haveron. In early 2006, the budding group was invited to perform in an experimental circus show with the local band the Heroes and Villains. Unexpectedly, this first show was a huge success and lead to a cascade of other shows and opportunities. What started off as an experiment took off with popularity and soon transformed into a high-fling acrobatic spectacle.

Starting off as primarily an acrobalance troupe, Kazüm eventually expanded to include other forms of physical expression, such as cheer stunting, human pyramids and adagio (a.k.a. throwing each other through the air). The unique combination of extreme physicality, imaginative themes and eclectic skill sets has made Kazüm a distinctive and exciting performance troupe to witness.